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Component Rework – Part One: Desoldering Pump
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Jameco build night!

Component Rework – Part One: Desoldering Pump

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If you need to repair/replace through-hole and SMD parts. Or you want some cool obscure components to use in future projects. You need rework tools. For the next two posts I’m going to go over two of the best tools we have at CBL, that the average tinkerer may not have access to. Meet the Hakko 808! This badboy and our hot air rework station, are recent acquisitions at the space (thank James, as per usual). I took some time Continue reading

Interesting in learning about machine shops?


There is a little known secret hidden on the intwerwebs. Long before Opencourseware. There was a little known site called MIT TechTV. This site is still updated with seemingly random videos. But the true treasure lies in the series of machine shop videos that were last updated about 5 years ago. The archive consists of about 10 videos totalling roughly 7-hours of machine shop instruction. The information in these lessons are great for someone who may be interested in getting Continue reading

Jameco build night!


  Looky looky what we got in the mail today! Its a well organized bag of cool stuff from the fine people at Jameco and Autodesk. These parts and components will be the basis of our next build night, which will be held on Saturday August 10th. So start brainstorming now! We have been given: 2 Grab bags of assorted LEDS (many different form factors and colours) 10 LM555CN timer ICs (These are the challenge component) 1 large bag of Continue reading

Sponsored Build Night


CrashBang Labs has been one of the groups accepted by for a sponsored build night! What this means is that Autodesk will send us products courtesy of their partners to build,hack, and play with! And our participation in their forums/posting Instructables of what we come up with, will increase the likelihood we can be sponsored for similar events. July 13th will be our first build night. And the theme will be Sugru! For anyone who does not know what Sugru Continue reading