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CrashBang Labs is a Hacker/Maker/DIY space in Regina.

Our policies and procedures are available here, as a comprehensive policy book or as individual files.

This is where we will post the living documents of the organization.

CBL Gear: This lists what major equipment we have and how to run it. From a simple list of setting and adjustments to make to get the device running, to the actual manual. Also if the machine has RTFM on it look here.

Equipment Wishlist: Items which we would like for the space.

Bringing Stuff to the Space: Check here for rules about bringing items to the space.

Executive Meeting Minutes: Minutes from our board meetings, you can check here to see what changes and topics are on our mind

Code of Conduct

Executive: Our current board of directors, their positions, and their personal pages.

Members: Add your personal page here so you can show off what you have done, what your skills are, and what you are interested in working on.

Work In Progress: Projects, Events and Areas Of Research.

Just a little Thank You to all that have helped or donated things.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started