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Component Rework – Part One: Desoldering Pump
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January Update: CrashBang V2.0!

To celebrate the new layout we are having our Grand Opening this January the 24th! This event will be running from 2-4pm for afternoon demonstrations and from 7 to 12pm for an evening of food, drinks, and socializing. Come down and check the space out, see demonstrations of the equipment, and listen to our wonderful speakers. Check out the full details in our calendar. I hope you all had a great year and I can tell you that we will Continue reading

Salvage items available in June

Hi all, OldSchool here. Just wanted to let you know that the Electronics Systems Engineering labs at the U of R will have a pile ( really, it’s a pile ) of surplus items on the University’s June Salvage list. You can find the list at starting next week. Looking forward to meeting you in the coming months.  

Component Rework – Part One: Desoldering Pump

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If you need to repair/replace through-hole and SMD parts. Or you want some cool obscure components to use in future projects. You need rework tools. For the next two posts I’m going to go over two of the best tools we have at CBL, that the average tinkerer may not have access to. Meet the Hakko 808! This badboy and our hot air rework station, are recent acquisitions at the space (thank James, as per usual). I took some time Continue reading

Huntron Tracker R us?

Coty and I were talking in the lab on Thursday.  He mentioned that the old power supply for the laser cutter might be fixable and how it might just be a bad transistor or FET.  I mentioned how there is a device for in-circuit component testing that I had used before (and built my own version a long time ago). They are sometimes called a Curve Tracer or Octopus Tester.  In a nutshell you apply a low current AC voltage Continue reading

Interesting in learning about machine shops?


There is a little known secret hidden on the intwerwebs. Long before Opencourseware. There was a little known site called MIT TechTV. This site is still updated with seemingly random videos. But the true treasure lies in the series of machine shop videos that were last updated about 5 years ago. The archive consists of about 10 videos totalling roughly 7-hours of machine shop instruction. The information in these lessons are great for someone who may be interested in getting Continue reading